Our Mission

The Portland Swifts Program strives to blend athletic excellence⁠—playing Ultimate at the highest level⁠—with social responsibility: developing a network of socially-conscious athletes. We will hold ourselves accountable on both an individual and program level to cultivate, and maintain, an inclusive environment that promotes responsible growth.

We will engage with the greater community in an effort to minimize barriers to sport and increase the visibility of womxn role models.

Our values will guide program-wide decisions, the language that we use, the partnerships that we enter, and the time we prioritize for equity work off the field.

To our community of friends, family, & fans:

In the indefinite postponement of the 2020 WUL season and with the understanding of how COVID-19 has begun to impact our communities, the Swifts will continue to pursue an important part of our mission; social responsibility. In the coming weeks, we will be promoting organizations, fundraisers, and cooperatives that are working to help individuals and communities in immediate need. We are pausing fundraising initiatives and encouraging our friends, family, and fans to invest in efforts to support those who have been or will be affected by COVID-19. While our team does not represent a high risk demographic, we want to call attention to the members of our Portland community that will need extra assistance, including those who are homeless, immigrants, and those without paid leave or child care, among others.

While the uncertainty of the season weighs heavily on us, the Swifts have committed to supporting each other and our mission of cultivating athletic excellence while creating a network of socially-conscious athletes. We look forward to showcasing our talented roster and centering womxn athletes in our community, however the opportunity presents itself. Our mission is rooted in equity and we will remain accountable to these values for whatever 2020 may hold. For the time being, the Swifts have embraced social distancing and encourage you to join us (virtually).

You can find updated and accurate information about COVID-19 here.